Oxfam : Women's Month | Domestic Workers

For the Women's Month, here's one of the three animated shorts that I've collaborated with Oxfam Asia - Philippines.

This film is about the current status and struggles of domestic workers around Asia, this project hopes to give them a voice and reach out to give awareness and respect to one of the oldest job in history.


Project Manager : Ella Quilogue
Speaker : Veny Non
Direction & Animation : Kenny Tai 


The Three Deities

To celebrate the Women's Month, here are the three deities representing the basic Filipino / South East Asian essentials for healing, nurture and relaxation to the human body. These were used to be design studies for a spa salon that eventually got disapproved.

Coconut Oil represents nurture.

Banana Leaf represents healing.

Sampaguita Flower for relaxation.

Happy Women's Month!