A visual development and color script that
I've worked on last year for a drink commercial.


Chefs & Bakers : Bakeville

Another commissioned work for Chefs & Bakers!

So awesome to work with these guys, it was an exciting project to do - I get to create an entire world of bread/pastry related items from trees, cars, houses, and villagers. Click the image below to view in full details!

...and here are some close-ups too.

Have an awesome week ahead!


Chefs & Bakers : Baking Puns

A commission for Chefs & Bakers , a local baking store from Bacolod to Manila. Check them out, certainly an emporium for bake lovers and professionals!


Peter & Juliet Illustration

A wedding gift for the lovely new couple :)


Peter & Juliet Wedding

I had an opportunity to design a wedding invitation and collaterals.
Last week was the wedding day, it is one of the most gorgeous and sincere weddings that I have ever witnessed.

Congratulations to the newly weds, Peter and Juliet.
So happy to be part of this intimate day, and the food was awesome!



It's Friday, let's dance!


A warm orange afternoon

D'orange chaud après-midi.
Bonne week-end à tous!


Bakeville 01

Some teasers of what I have been working on recently.


Island Rose: "Torpe"

"When I'm alone, I think of many things to say to you.
But when I have the chance to tell you, I go speechless!"

A film for Island Rose in collaboration with Watusi Manila:
Creative & Content Supervision: Dan Gil / Geri Gil / Richie Aquino
• Design & Animation: Kenny Tai
Producer: Richie Aquino
Music: Mikey Amistoso / Jazz Nicolas
Audio Post: Jhomar Ignacio
• Post Production: SJ Malapitan


T.C. 03

Tommy is one hungry boy!

A clip based from my last two posts.
Music borrowed from Patrick Rondat, "Vivaldi Tribute"

In collaboration with Watusi Manila.

© Kenny Tai 2012


T.C. 02

Background designs from my previous post.


T.C. 01

Here are some screenshots from a short opening film that I’ve designed two years ago that never got published due to some “conventional” reasons. The film was about an energetic boy who loves martial arts and has a massive appetite for street foods that got out of control.


Que sera, sera

Contemplating in the afternoon.


Serenitea: Holidays

It's that time of the year again...
My illustrations for Serenitea.

© Serenitea | Kenny Tai 2013


iAcademy - Character Design

Some of my early designs for the iAcademy video explainer.

© Kenny Tai 2013


iAcademy - School of Continuing Education

Another collaboration with my awesome team, WATUSI MANILA

The Watusi Family:
 • Executive Creative Director : Dan Gil
 • Creative Director and Writer : Geri Gil
 • Art Director and Animator : Kenny Tai
 • Producer : Richie Aquino
 • Music : Mikey Amistoso
 • Audio Post : Jhomar Ignacio
 • Voice Over: Robi Joseph

© Watusi Manila | iAcademy 2013