Eleven Bottles of Love

I have been commissioned to make an animation for a marriage proposal.

The story is about writing a love letter for the future partner for eleven years while waiting for the right one. This short film represents one's patience and dedication for his search to find true love. Congratulations to Kellon and Jovy!

Directed and Animation by © Kenny Tai 2015
Music by David Torn, "At the Mall" (Lars and the Real Girl OST)


"Ate, penge ng Piso?"

Street children asking money from a lady.


Mobile Dating : Screencaps & Color Script

Screen caps and color scripts from an animation I've just finished for a mobile dating app soon to launch.


Today was like this...

I'm having a bad day.


"Pictures" by Kate Torralba

It was love at first note when I first heard Kate Torralba's "Pictures". Thanks to a bunch of former co-workers who shared me her music which eventually leads me to connect with her on Twitter.

Now I'm very happy to share you my latest collaboration project - a homemade music video all made with labor of love by music and animation. Hit play and share to support us. I hope you all enjoy

© Kenny Tai & Kate Torralba 2015.
All Rights Reserved.


Kate Torralba

Here’s a peek of an early design study of Kate Torralba for her animated music video Pictures.

Her charming personality made it easy for me to design the character, the mood of her music were a big help for the development as well.

Anyway, the video is already playing on MTV Pinoy (I just happen to saw it on TV this morning), online launch is yet to be announce by the rare and talented artist herself.


Les Filles de Manille : Tondo

"You can never outrun a ghetto-trained athlete like Tondo Girl,
survival is what motivates her to run fast and not glory."


Les Filles de Manille : Divisoria

"It's all about being chic and cheap for Contessa Divisoria,
economic and practicality are her prime principles.
(Quality not guaranteed)."


Les Filles de Manille : Recto

"No need for long lines, Madame Recto understands the value of time."


Les Filles de Manille : Malate

Cheap beers and microphones for Ms. Malate.



Les Filles des Manille : Taguig

New year, new week! To get myself productive, I’m starting off an illustration series called, "Les Filles de Manille". I’ve been doing a lot of people watching and sketching but never get to clean up my sketches, so as part of New Year’s Resolution, let’s start with the sporty Taguig Girl. Have a productive week ahead!