Que sera, sera

Contemplating in the afternoon.


Serenitea: Holidays

It's that time of the year again...
My illustrations for Serenitea.

© Serenitea | Kenny Tai 2013


iAcademy - Character Design

Some of my early designs for the iAcademy video explainer.

© Kenny Tai 2013


iAcademy - School of Continuing Education

Another collaboration with my awesome team, WATUSI MANILA

The Watusi Family:
 • Executive Creative Director : Dan Gil
 • Creative Director and Writer : Geri Gil
 • Art Director and Animator : Kenny Tai
 • Producer : Richie Aquino
 • Music : Mikey Amistoso
 • Audio Post : Jhomar Ignacio
 • Voice Over: Robi Joseph

© Watusi Manila | iAcademy 2013


Bloom Arts Festival 2013

I'm very happy to see my works nicely hanged in the cozy corner of Kubyertos Restaurant from last week's art festival at The Collective. Will post the entire work soon.

Have a pleasant weekend ahead!


The Aftermath

Oh, Philippines. You make me cry...


No Bra Sunday

Let them be free... Woohoo!

"Freedom lies in being bold." - Robert Frost


Back off, he's mine.

Experimenting some styles... Have a BLASTED Monday!


Summer Romance

Ah, summer romance. Short and sweet like shortcake.


Tea Delivery

© Kenny Tai | Serenitea 2013


Serenitea : Verdebud for Serenitea

I'm very proud to share the news that my character design, Verdebud is now a plush doll for Serenitea.

Thank you very much to all the support that has given to me. I have never thought that this would happen from a simple sketch on a scratch paper could develop to something like this. Verdebud plush dolls are now available on all Serenitea branches.

Again, thank you very much.

© Kenny Tai | Serenitea 2013


Adobo Design Awards 2013

Last Friday, "The Tea Dance" (Serenitea) was awarded Bronze Metal for Best Design in Animation Broadcast Category by Adobo Magazine on their annual event, Adobo Design Awards. I've never been so quite happy thanks to Dan Gil, Mikey Amistoso, the Watusi / Liquidpost Family, and Hans Bacher for the help and support.

"Max's Restaurant - Online Delivery" also won Bronze on the same category.


Effects on "The 48 Laws of Power"

This is me before reading "The 48 Laws of Power"

...and this is me, after reading the book.

Have a great weekend.. Yoink!


Driver on Call

Screen caps from a film for an advocacy campaign against drunk driving.

Creative Directors: Geri Gil and Dan Gil
Directed by: Dan Gil and Kenny Tai
Producer: Geri Gil
Writers: Geri Gil and Marian Hernandez
Visual Development and Animation: Kenny Tai
Music: Dan Gil, Jazz Nicolas and Mikey Amistoso
Production House: Watusi Production
Audio Post: Liquidpost


Tres Sinigang

Illustrations (or still shots) for an unpublished animated project celebrating Filipino cuisine. Shown here are some varied flavours of the nation's iconic Sinigang or sour stew. Perfect time to post these images for the summer moods of the night during supper time with family.

© Kenny Tai visual development/design and animation
for a confidential project Jan 2013.


Joey & Jorel

Happy Birthday!


A Swiss Mountain

Never been to Europe, but... *merf, merf.*





Max's Restaurant Online Delivery

Here's an instructional video that I've been working on since last December with my new team. Watusi Productions and Liquidpost. Share it with your loved ones and friends :) Enjoy!

Max's Restaurant Online pioneers Online Ordering in the Philippines with over 100 Max's branches nationwide. Whether its Dine In, Take out, Deliver Now or Deliver Later, customers can order and pay online real time. This video explains the unique services offered by "The House That Chicken Built."

Creative Director and Writer: Geri Gil
Animation Director and Visual Development: Kenny Tai
Sound Design: Liquidpost
Music: Jazz Nicolas and Mikey Amistoso of Liquidpost