Brand Identity & Art Direction : Rise Overdose

Rice Overdose is a fusion-resto that fully respects the rich cultivation of rice, this simple grain with mild taste when merged to other dishes the result was an exquisite taste for one’s tongue. This restaurant serves various rice dishes for enthusiasts to gather and savor the famous staple. Rice Overdose believes that rice doesn’t only have to be served and enjoy on the table, but to enjoy rice even when a fellow rice-lover is on the go.

I was approached by the owners to create a brand identity and direction for their first restaurant, this made me excited to work with this project as I get to create beautiful photographic compositions with the festive colors and diverse shapes of food. I’m happy that they are satisfied as well.




Some visual development that I’ve contributed for Gameloft. Interesting influences from Saul Bass, Frank Miller, and pottery motifs from Ancient Rome.