Oxfam : Women's Month | Indigenous Women

A short film I've worked with Oxfam Asia / Philippines about Asian indigenous women and their economic rights.

What fascinates me is that these tribes remain pure, humble and intact despite the strong colonization of the West for centuries and thus the commercial abuse and exploitation of the modern world.

I have enjoyed studying and designing each minorities and knowing only a morceau of their lifestyle and history.  So much to learn, so little time!


Project Manager : Ella Quiogue
Speaker : Elina Horo
Direction & Animation : Kenny Tai
Music: "Where Silence is Nonexistent" by A Himitsu


Oxfam : Women's Month | Domestic Workers

For the Women's Month, here's one of the three animated shorts that I've collaborated with Oxfam Asia - Philippines.

This film is about the current status and struggles of domestic workers around Asia, this project hopes to give them a voice and reach out to give awareness and respect to one of the oldest job in history.


Project Manager : Ella Quiogue
Speaker : Veny Non
Direction & Animation : Kenny Tai 


The Three Deities

To celebrate the Women's Month, here are the three deities representing the basic Filipino / South East Asian essentials for healing, nurture and relaxation to the human body. These were used to be design studies for a spa salon that eventually got disapproved.

Coconut Oil represents nurture.

Banana Leaf represents healing.

Sampaguita Flower for relaxation.

Happy Women's Month!