Les Filles de Manille : Tondo

"You can never outrun a ghetto-trained athlete like Tondo Girl,
survival is what motivates her to run fast and not glory."


Les Filles de Manille : Divisoria

"It's all about being chic and cheap for Contessa Divisoria,
economic and practicality are her prime principles.
(Quality not guaranteed)."


Les Filles de Manille : Recto

"No need for long lines, Madame Recto understands the value of time."


Les Filles de Manille : Malate

Cheap beers and microphones for Ms. Malate.



Les Filles des Manille : Taguig

New year, new week! To get myself productive, I’m starting off an illustration series called, "Les Filles de Manille". I’ve been doing a lot of people watching and sketching but never get to clean up my sketches, so as part of New Year’s Resolution, let’s start with the sporty Taguig Girl. Have a productive week ahead!