The Conjugal Dictatorship

"Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty." - Plato


The Wedding Scene

An old work from 2009 but perhaps appropriate for Pride Month.


Ramen Shokudo : Illustrations

"The noodles are the body
and the broth is the soul."

Commissioned illustration series as part of the


Ramen Shokudo : Logo & Branding Design

Logo and brand redesign for a local Japanese noodle house, Ramen Shokudo.


The chef's method of using handmade ingredients to serve food in contrast from the ready-made ones that are available in the nearest store is the essence of embracing and surviving the harsh contemporary while being deeply grounded and organic by its tradition.


The brand's principle inspired the development of the visual to represent pride and richness of the Japanese Ramen as the face of the brand as it welcomes the diners with warm and charm to share its authenticity and quality.

See more articles about Ramen Shokudo here:
Noli Soli Spot.ph


Carlos Celdran 🎩

Three words to describe him: bouncy, quirky and squishy.

There was never a dull moment whenever I get to hang with this eccentric artist ever since I went in one of his barter performances.

His is work would sprinkle the audience with laughter blended with shock, sarcasm (and Chocnut) all the way and then drip you with a high doze of caffeinated reality in the end. You're pretty much awake and see things differently after the show.

He made his essence clear and easy for me to draw like I am copying a live cartoon character.

Catch and poke him on Walk This Way - The Intramuros Tour in Manila, your unorthodox guide to about Philippine history and Livin' La Vida Imelda (now showing in The Mirror Studio Theater directed by Jamie Esteban Wilson) about the former first lady from the Marcos Era.


The Dream Weavers

The T'Boli Tribe of South Cotabato (Mindanao), Phlippines

While the Native Americans have dream catchers in their culture, the Filipinos have "Dream Weavers".

Each weaving design is unique and never repeated as it is profoundly based on the weaver's dream from a fragment of her sleep, then the weaving and visualizing her dream to an actual material would take several days to months of work. An immense dedication and patience to their craftsmanship on today's modernization, or should I say they work hard to make their dreams come true?

This is another one of the study for the commissioned series by Mont Albo Massage Hut in 2016. Check out their page or in IG to see more of the illustrations.

Aklan Heat

Aklan, Philippines

A study to one of the few illustrated series that I have made for commission by Mont Albo Massage Hut in 2016.

Manila Biennale : Art Dump 07



Manila Biennale : Art Dump 06

Some past design studies of the slums that were suppose to be an animated short film that I have worked with my mentor, Hans Bacher.

The film is now scrapped and shelved in 2012, until it was redesigned to be one of the visuals for the Manila Biennale 2018 - perfect timing and "zero waste". Ha.


Manila Biennale : Art Dump 01

Ringo and her coffee.

Manila Biennale : Open City 2018 - Manila Transitio

"Manila Transitio" is an event by Manila Biennale: Open City to commemorate one important part of the city's history which is the Battle of Manila in 1945, where thousands of innocent lives were perished as collateral damage during World War II.

Manila afterwards had an amnesia and never really moved forward, the city resorts to blindly obeying a hypocritical dogma and escapism with empty distractions instead of rebuilding, adapting and improving itself. This messy condition traces all the way back from the colonial era where each colonizers (or invaders) would erase and replace one another, thus the progress of the city would get disrupted and eventually stop.

We are all Simoun from the second novel of Rizal. "Simoom" - from the borrowed Arabic word which literally means "poison", a hot desert wind from the Arabian Peninsula that could cause death. Like Simoun, we are our own poison; disillusioned from the image that has been painted for us after the death of our dear innocent soul, MarĂ­a Clara.

May this event remind you the true beauty and ugly of Manila. A bittersweet ceremonial atonement of the iconic Filipino lovers to transition ourselves to a better community.

Never forget history, never forget 1945.

The Open City Festival is curated by Carlos Celdran and Mitch Garcia.
Special thanks to Lourd de Veyra.
Artwork by yours truly.

Manila Biennale : Open City 2018 - Open City Festival

Much like the Glastonbury Festival in England or the Burning Man of Nevada, the Open City Festival is envisioned as a new tradition for Intramuros, an international art festival which promotes self-expression as a means of activating a sacred space. Under the umbrella of the first Manila Biennale, Open City provides the ephemeral component to the Biennale’s critically acclaimed visual art installations that were unveiled on 02 February.

Executive Director, Carlos Celdran says, “This festival caps a month long celebration using art to activate, commemorate, and reinvigorate the City of Intramuros. We want to foster a community which will keep the City alive, not only during biennales but beyond. Proceeds from the event will benefit the succeeding Manila Biennales and will ensure that this new tradition in Philippine arts will be passed on to future generations.”

Art festivals such as the Manila Biennale and its Open City Festival are a key aspect of art tourism, social development, and urban transformation. The art and artists are on show as much as the city.

Manila Biennale : Open City 2018 - Don Papa's Intramuros Artists' Ball

The Artists' Ball opened the main performance leg of the Manila Biennale: Open City - a decadent start to a week of festivities. The ball was a call back to the golden age of Manila, set in Casa Manila (Plaza San Luis), Intramuros where guests will be regaled by performers and given a taste of what the old city had been like.

The event was sponsored by Don Papa Rum, more studies soon.


Manila Biennale : Open City 2018 (Signs & Icons)

 Charita Trinidad, the traffic stopper.

...or the cause of the traffic?

Some other signs for bathrooms, refreshments, and others.

Manila Biennale : Open City 2018 (Collaterals)

It is all about bringing the soul back to the city that is infested by malls and skyrise buildings which blocks the sun from shining on the ground and prevents the organic interaction of human beings.

Here is an official poster for Manila Biennale: Open City that I have collaborated with Carlos Celdran where we would exchange ideas - he would peppered me with a spoonful of creative ingredients and challenge to translate visually into this unconventional output, an unlikely collaboration between an arranged and jumbled artists. I love it.


The Manila Biennale: Open City Passport identifies the spectator as a Manileño citizen of Intramuros where they could enjoy art-related perks for a month besides the high-class exhibitions in the area, day pass holders can also enjoy the events and exhibits as a visitor for one day.


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