Since I can't afford to have a vacation for the Holidays,
so I thought I should draw 'vacation' instead...


Popo & His Karoling Band

 Off they go to earn some bread 'til the 24th's Eve,
and buy some booze for their dear daddy! :)


Cagayan de Oro

...been there last weekend. Had so much fun.


je ne veux pas travailler

"Ber"-months are usually stressful, and procrastination is unavoidable. Take a break!


For my dear friend...

She got her first tattoo last Wednesday, and now she's going back to Canada :(


Roti Prata

Last weekend I went to Singapore... and this pretty much sums up my experience there. Now I kept craving for Indian food but nowhere to find here.

Pretty rough animation, but I had fun. I wanna share you this video too!

Hope you enjoy.


Something borrowed, something new

Influences: Gustav Klimt

Below is the original sketch of Klimt.


Serenitea pt 4

Meet the official characters for Serenitea, Verdebud and Callicci  - yes they are siblings.
Their official website had been up just last weekend, take a look.

Web Development by Chocolate Cartridge (Robert Soliman & Paul Samonte)
Visual Development + Illustration by yours truly.

© Kenny Tai 2011



Serenitea pt 3

Finally, the long wait is over! Here's the soft opening of Serenitea's new branch at the Burgos Circle, The Fort last weekend. The biggest illustration that I have done so far, and I am quite happy. I had so much fun working with them, every brainstorm and drawing was a labor of joy!

They had such warm hospitality that reflects strongly on each of their store. Regardless of proving how the authenticity of tea brewing with each ingredients, the mood and essence is already there - subjective and abstract. Serenitea itself is an art.

 My water broke!

During the process printing of it, I found my self visualizing that I am giving birth to an infant minus the "lady" pain, and when they started to cut the margins I imagine them cutting umbilical cord of the infant.....................................................

Anyway that's just me. Below is the full image and some other designs. Hope you enjoy viewing the pictures as much as I enjoy working on them!

Until the next post!


Hello, I'm still alive.

I have been very bust these past few weeks, and the weather wasn't very cooperative - too many schedules were delayed. Here's a teaser of what I have been doing lately. More images to come soon!



The Slipper Chase

I was on my way home on a hot humid Friday afternoon, when suddenly a bunch of teenage boys nearly ran over me, so I thought I should capture those youthful essence.
 This entry made me sound old... Anyway, despite the brutal heat of summer I hope you enjoy this picture.


Fabulous Hong Kong

For my fabulous aunts and uncle in Hong Kong ❤


Serenitea pt 2 : Tea is in the Air

Directing / Visual Design / Animation : Kenny Tai
Music : "Air on the G String" by Johann Sebastian Bach
Client : Serenitea

© Kenny Tai 2011 (visuals only)


Men + Mood

I've been drawing a lot of women recently and not much for male characters.
So I thought I'll draw myself some nice dudes. Hope you'll enjoy... ladies.