Be free everyone, goodnight.


Manny Pacquiao

I'm not a boxing fan, and I haven't seen any of his fights. I just know he won again from those people around me. So maybe this would be a tribute for his consistency in his career... and he's fun to draw.

Roxas Boulevard

A typical situation in Manila.


Zen, from a 2008 Thai martial arts film,
Chocolate, also known as Fury.

The Chancellor

Zhuge Liang ( 諸葛亮, AD 181 - 234 ) was a Chancellor of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period of China. He is often recognized as the greatest and most accomplished strategist of his era as well as a statesman, engineer, scholar, and legendary inventor of baozi (aka steamed bun or siopao).

Ms. Ching

...is armed.

Blended and Chilled

"Refreshing and tasty snacks, and make a great meal on the go.
You can make one at home, just like the ones you get in the mall!"
- Bethany Owens

Often Served in a Glass of Ice

"That refreshing drink kissed by the sun,
always made for everyone."

The Oil of Conversation

"Love makes the world go round? Not at all.
Whisky makes it go round twice as fast."
- Sir Compton Mackenzie

The Universal Mixture

"Renouncing any life of its own,
it becomes the primal substance of life."
- Theodor Schwenk

A Tingle Remarkably Pleasant

One Martini is alright, two are too many,
and three are not enough."
- James Thurber

Opaque White Liquid

"The taste of morning to the world."

Soft and Carbonated

"The bubbly bliss, fissure of fruition,
born on my buds, slipping down my throat."
- T.E. Bishop

A Liquid Extract from the Fruit

"Squeeze it and drink it."

That Burgundy Pleasure

"To take wine into your mouth is to savor
a droplet of the river of human history."
- Clifton Fadiman

8,000 Years of Culture

"A brew that's best straight from a tap,
with golden hue and snowy cap."
- unknown


Rejuvenates the Very Old

"Inhaling ancient times and lands,
comfort of ages in our hands."
- Faith Greenbowl

Bitter, Rich, Warm

"The great black warrior, defending droopy eyes."
- M.G.