Sunday Market

"Malaki at Mura"

Nothing like a good Sunday market
to get the freshest fruits in cheap prices!


"Too many cooks spoil the broth."

Design studies for a hotdog firm, a webisode about a hot dog spy-chef. The film was heavily influence  by the modern art of the late 50's / early 60's. The concept was great, the music gave us goosebumps, the entire team was in the mood to create a short stylish film with a nostalgic atmosphere!

In contrary of producing a short film, the pre-production stage went unexpectedly longer not only because of the constant changes in the character design but also the client wasn't able to decide which name is conservatively and market-ably appropriate for the main character to the consumers. As the production timeline drags, I kept on producing the same title card with different names.

Finally, the client have decided to close the project due to lack of production time to meet the deadline and the launch date.



Mood boards and visual development of an opening title for a local talk show.


Freedom and the Game of Chess

Here's a five-year old shelved project that I've worked with Hans Bacher for a local band's music video to release their new single. It is about the government's abuse of power that destroys little hopes blooming which can potentially grow into freedom and bear fruits of the future if sustained properly.

This metaphorical approach was inspired from Pink Floyd's "The Wall" (1982), carefully designed with powerful visuals along with the music to create a meaningful and honest film.

Unfortunately and as expected, the band's manager would prefer to feature the band in the music video for their marketing exposure rather than featuring the message of their music translated in a visual designed manner. Nevertheless, the efforts were not wasted. I've learned a lot in this game and enjoyed the progress in a creative aspect.

© Hans Bacher • Kenny Tai 2009


Brand Identity & Art Direction : Rise Overdose

Rice Overdose is a fusion-resto that fully respects the rich cultivation of rice, this simple grain with mild taste when merged to other dishes the result was an exquisite taste for one’s tongue. This restaurant serves various rice dishes for enthusiasts to gather and savor the famous staple. Rice Overdose believes that rice doesn’t only have to be served and enjoy on the table, but to enjoy rice even when a fellow rice-lover is on the go.

I was approached by the owners to create a brand identity and direction for their first restaurant, this made me excited to work with this project as I get to create beautiful photographic compositions with the festive colors and diverse shapes of food. I’m happy that they are satisfied as well.




Some visual development that I’ve contributed for Gameloft. Interesting influences from Saul Bass, Frank Miller, and pottery motifs from Ancient Rome.


Animation Exercise: Anak - The Confrontation

This short clip is a self-study project that I've come up applying the basic knowledge of Character Animation from what I have been taught in Gobelins Summer School of 2013.

This on and off project took me exactly a year to finish while juggling in between client and personal works. Nevertheless, it is quite a satisfaction that I was still able to finish this clip and I hope you enjoy.

Reference: The audio of this clip was taken from a Filipino film in year 2000, "Anak" (The Child) directed by Rory B. Quintos, starring Vilma Santos.

© Kenny Tai 2014


Typhoon Aftermarth

Once again, Manila had survived another typhoon!
Such an ugly weather today...


Serenitea : Flores de Mayo

The merry month of May is the celebration of Flores de Mayo and the season of colorful festivals. Let us remember and celebrate our rich culture and tradition.

© Serenitea | Kenny Tai 2014



A visual development and color script that
I've worked on last year for a drink commercial.


Chefs & Bakers : Bakeville

Another commissioned work for Chefs & Bakers!

So awesome to work with these guys, it was an exciting project to do - I get to create an entire world of bread/pastry related items from trees, cars, houses, and villagers. Click the image below to view in full details!

...and here are some close-ups too.

Have an awesome week ahead!


Chefs & Bakers : Baking Puns

A commission for Chefs & Bakers , a local baking store from Bacolod to Manila. Check them out, certainly an emporium for bake lovers and professionals!


Peter & Juliet Illustration

A wedding gift for the lovely new couple :)


Peter & Juliet Wedding

I had an opportunity to design a wedding invitation and collaterals.
Last week was the wedding day, it is one of the most gorgeous and sincere weddings that I have ever witnessed.

Congratulations to the newly weds, Peter and Juliet.
So happy to be part of this intimate day, and the food was awesome!



It's Friday, let's dance!


A warm orange afternoon

D'orange chaud après-midi.
Bonne week-end à tous!


Bakeville 01

Some teasers of what I have been working on recently.