Manny Pacquiao

I'm not a boxing fan, and I haven't seen any of his fights. I just know he won again from those people around me. So maybe this would be a tribute for his consistency in his career... and he's fun to draw.


Gabey Dimaranan said...

i think one reason he's fun to draw is because...he doesnt look so beaten up when he fights.

gwafu parin. =))

pero truth be told, he's one sign that pinoys can be great...if they just pushed as hard as manny did for what they really wanted.

labo nga eh, a movie and an MMK story was already written about his life, and pinoys still dont get it. haih.

Kenny Tai said...

It only means that only one in a million Filipinos could be like him. It'll take maybe a hundred years to for the next one to be found.

Gabey Dimaranan said...

as great as him yes.

but his willpower,sense of discipline and motivated spirit, is quite attainable...kung marunong lang tumingin/mag-isip at mag-execute mga tao :D

bwahaha ang lalim. pagusapan nalang natin yung mukha ni cotto. nakakaawa eh XD