May Flowers


Anonymous said...

I saw your works and they're really good. I can't help but notice though that your work is similar to someone else's portfolio. I was wondering if you designed the Serenitea website cos I saw it in this girl's portfolio: http://graceeylimlengco.com

Kenny Tai said...

Hi there! First of all thank you for visiting my blog and for addressing this issue. To answer your question, I have further clarified the sources that Ms. Grace Limlengco works with Rocketship Design Lab who are resposible for the coding of the website while I was in charge for the web design and art direction, we both collaborated as a team for this project.

You may view the disclaimer at the bottom of Serenitea's website. Thank you again for leaving a comment!

Anonymous said...

I knew it was your design! I love your illustrations. Anyway yes well I got confused coz the label in her portfolio says Web Design. Thanks for clarifying.