Yakult : The Tale of Tommy Chan (Visual Development)

In late 2012, I was working with a creative team, Watusi Manila for their client Yakult to promote good bacteria and proper digestive awareness for schools, children and families. The film was about an energetic boy who loves martial arts and has a massive appetite for street foods that got out of control. 


We’ve come up many exciting ideas such as comics, webisodes and other online approach to make the campaign viral. As expected, a lot of ideas were scrapped from the boards as the client would prefer mass-appropriate contents. The video above is the unpublished version of the film, the music was borrowed from Patrick Rondat “Vivaldi Tribute” treated as a dummy music for the arranger to compose before the animation was shelved. Here are the design studies that I have worked with the team.

Early Sketches & Studies

Final Output
 Only a portion of the animation was included in the final render of the video. 
Tommy Tiyan: Ogie Escanilla
Kuya Kiko:  Earl Ignacio

Director: Dan Gil
Creative Director and Head Writer: Geri Gil
Writer: Marian Hernandez
Art Director: Brian Sergio
Animation and Visual Development: Kenny Tai
Music: Mikey Amistoso and Jazz Nicolas of Liquidpost

Designs © Kenny Tai.
All Rights Reserved.

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