Manila Biennale : Open City 2018 - Open City Festival

Much like the Glastonbury Festival in England or the Burning Man of Nevada, the Open City Festival is envisioned as a new tradition for Intramuros, an international art festival which promotes self-expression as a means of activating a sacred space. Under the umbrella of the first Manila Biennale, Open City provides the ephemeral component to the Biennale’s critically acclaimed visual art installations that were unveiled on 02 February.

Executive Director, Carlos Celdran says, “This festival caps a month long celebration using art to activate, commemorate, and reinvigorate the City of Intramuros. We want to foster a community which will keep the City alive, not only during biennales but beyond. Proceeds from the event will benefit the succeeding Manila Biennales and will ensure that this new tradition in Philippine arts will be passed on to future generations.”

Art festivals such as the Manila Biennale and its Open City Festival are a key aspect of art tourism, social development, and urban transformation. The art and artists are on show as much as the city.

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