Manila Biennale : Open City 2018 (Collaterals)

It is all about bringing the soul back to the city that is infested by malls and skyrise buildings which blocks the sun from shining on the ground and prevents the organic interaction of human beings.

Here is an official poster for Manila Biennale: Open City that I have collaborated with Carlos Celdran where we would exchange ideas - he would peppered me with a spoonful of creative ingredients and challenge to translate visually into this unconventional output, an unlikely collaboration between an arranged and jumbled artists. I love it.


The Manila Biennale: Open City Passport identifies the spectator as a Manileño citizen of Intramuros where they could enjoy art-related perks for a month besides the high-class exhibitions in the area, day pass holders can also enjoy the events and exhibits as a visitor for one day.


• Concept and contents by Carlos Celdran / Mitch Garcia / Paula Marie Nocon
• Logistics and supervision by Lesley Dufourt / Gerome Soriano
• Printing sponsored by Tesoro's Philippine Handicrafts
• Design by yours truly.

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